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Alo photo sphere

ALO Photo Sphere is our top of range solution, with its 3 axes rotation, it allows you to create photos and videos suitable for every need: e-commerce, internal pictures, still life, social media content, catalogs and magazines. The incredible versatility of the machine also allows you to make presentations for your clients and create amazing 360 animations.

Hersteller: ALO Zone
Land: Italia
Produktcode: APS-600A
€ 8.950,00
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ALO Photo Sphere is integrated with our software ALO Photo Scan.
This software allows to remote-control some cameras from the computer, choosing settings and rotations, valuing the preview in real-time and modifying the photo right after the shoot with the photo-editing functions, for example, they allow having a white or transparent background. Also, the software is able to calculate the real dimension of the item.
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