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Heart in Fashion Jewelries


Homi Fashion & Jewels presents BE A SWEETHEART: THE HEART IN FASHION JEWEL from 8 to 18 February at Palazzo Giureconsulti. The exhibition organised in collaboration with dedicated to the heart in fashion jewelry.

I had a amazing experience at Palazzo Giureconsulti by visiting "Be A Sweet heart" exhibition which is held in one of the most prestigious palace in Milan. This exhibition is curated by my dear ex-professor Alba Cappellieri*, and it applies to the relationship between heart and fashion jewelry for different aspects. 

The Exhibition displays around 150 designs from famous masters and young talents around the world.

Here is a selection by JewelryAround from the exhibition. Enjoy!


The exhibition is divided into 3 major sections;

Jewels for Gift: as a symbol of a given love that creates a bond between two people or a gift made to themselves to remember their value

Jewels of Manifesto: that depending on the formal, aesthetic, chromatic, material choices or production process, it is a bearer of messages

Jewels with Sacred Symbols:  that becomes the narrator of his spiritual dimension, of a love and afterlife devotion and takes shape in sacred symbols

*jewelry and accessories design professor at Milan's Polytechnic University