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Abroo kamooon earrings

Earrings with recycled paper - Paper mache
by Lo'bat

Hersteller: jewelryAround
Land: Italia
Produktcode: Lob-ER-Abroo kamooon
Kollektionsname: Lo'bat
€ 75,00
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Abroo Kamoon, eyebrows as long and as curve as old bows, is an old Persian adjective that poets like Hafez had used several times in their famous poems. These earrings have not been designed like any other evil eyes, but actually, they are Persian eyes. The long eyebrows are the reminder of longbow like Persian eyebrows and Persian motifs also have been added to give them some Persian vibes. These earrings are inspired by the face of Persian miniatures to reveal Persian eyes and eyebrows. Abroo Kamoon is from our Bakht collection, which is our limited collection.

Handmade in Canada

Limited editions jewelry
Shipping from Milan, Italy

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