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Shamsi earrings

with recycled paper - paper mache
By Lo'bat

Hersteller: jewelryAround
Land: Italia
Produktcode: Lob-ER-Shamsi
Kollektionsname: Lo'bat
€ 65,00
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Shamsi is an old Persian name which means the sun. This is one of the most powerful Persian names that was more popular in the past and that is why many of us have known someone with this name and that makes it more meaningful. Shamsi is inspired by Persian architecture structures and it is a symbol of power. Each of its pieces stands together perfectly and a stone at the end has made it a strong piece to give confidence to women. These earrings are part of our first collection, Fall/Winter 2019.

Handmade in Canada

Limited editions jewelry

Paper Mache, Hande made, Glass stones,flat silver finish post earrings(100% brass,6mm)
Shipping from Milan, Italy

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