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Small things count

Because accessories are small things that count.


It is difficult to write something about myself. I would prefer not to do it, but it seems I have no choice :) Well, I am a person who tries to find harmony with the world through doing what I like most of all (I guess like many of you). And it consists in designing and creating accessories (mainly jewelry, but I’ve got plans for bags, hats and shoes too), reviving almost forgotten silversmithing techniques (like cloisonné and granulation) and giving it a modern touch. I feel extremely inspired by traditional pieces, which I want to give new life to. So thanks to this blog and every single post I make a little step towards fulfilling my dream.

Here you would find stories about accessories which I gather while traveling or which I find in the books I read. Whether it is a hat or a jewellery piece, I try to find where it comes from, what was its origins and purpose. And first and foremost I try to tell it to you in a short and clear way.

It is also a place where I gather beautiful moments of my life and which I would like to share with you. Observing blossoming trees, tasting colourful icecream or noticing vivid city mosaic composed of things, people and buildings may be an esthetic experience if stop for a moment and have a look.

So please come with me and join my journey!


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#flower #flowerpower #handmade #fattoamano #gioiello #gioiellodartista JVF
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Beaded necklace “Autumn blues” Seed beads, cotton thread JVF
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“She” (2016) Necklace: silver, enamel, coral JVF
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Small things count
-- Poltava, , Ukraine
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