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Coar Distribuzione Internazionale

Specialisti in catene d'argento dal 1963


Coar was founded in 1963 by Carlo Baracchi and has its premises in Arezzo, Italy. In the beginning, the company was specialized in the production of hollow chains and the so-called “ID bracelets”. Subsequently, it expanded its product range in order to satisfy the ever-changing market demands: not only chains but also trendy and innovative jewels.
In 2013 Coar celebrated its 50th year of business and successful relations: an important milestone and a strong incentive to strive for even more.
The current corporate configuration consists of CDI (Coar International Distribution) as the operating branch of the company, specialized in the manufacture and sale of silver chains and jewellery, and Coar 56AR as the financial and administrative branch.
Today the company boasts a distribution network spread over 50 counties across the world: from North to South America, from Europe to Africa up until the Far East. It regularly takes parts in the most important trade fairs of the sector, including those of Arezzo, Vicenza and Hong Kong.


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Oval Ball Chain in Silver 925 and other gauges and plating. Chains for all needs! JVF
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Key bracelet in rose silver 925 with zirconia, presented during Palakiss Summer 2020 - Vicenza JVF
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We distinguish ourselves as a leading manufacturer of chains. Today we present our Curb Chain 6 sides diamond cut in silver 925, also available in other gauges and platings. JVF
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Coar Distribuzione Internazionale
Strada E, 32 - S. Zeno
52040 Arezzo, AR, Italia
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