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Condiciones de Uso

These conditions (hereinafter the "Terms of Use"), as well as the subsequent modifications, apply to all the services available on the website www.jewelryvirtualfair.com and on the mobile application JVF - Jewelry Virtual Fair (hereinafter jointly the "Website"), accessible via any device, by e-mail or by telephone.
By accessing, visiting or registering on the Website, the user declares to have read, understood and accepted the Terms of Use fully and expressly, in addition to the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy. The pages of the Website, their content and the services provided on the Website are offered, managed and owned by Palakiss S.r.l. (hereinafter "Palakiss"), Via Oreficeria, 31, 36100 Vicenza Italia, P. Iva 03139590271 and are regulated according to the Terms of Use.

1. Purpose of the service
The Website is intended to provide information related to the world of jewellery and to put exhibitors and buyers into contact, providing a range of services and work tools that users can benefit from by creating their own profile.

2. Registration and creation of an account
2.1 Premises
Some parts of the Website navigation can also be performed by unregistered users.
However, for a complete use of the services offered by the Website, the registration on the Website and the creation of an account is required.
It is possible to register for the Basic Plan (free of charge), the Pro Plan (paid service) or the Global Plan (paid service).

2.2 User’s obligations and Palakiss rights
In order to use the services provided on the Website, you must be at least 18 years old.
The user must create an account, entering, as credentials, a valid email address, a username and a password.
The user is responsible for safeguarding his password, which will be used to access to the services provided by Palakiss and for any activity or action related to Palakiss.
The user expressly declares that all data and information provided at the time of registration are true, correct, complete and updated and is required to notify Palakiss of any changes of his data entered during the registration.
Failure, partial or incorrect communication of the requested data entails the supplier's right to deactivate the account and prevent any subsequent use of the services.
Usernames are assigned on the basis of the registration anteriority and, therefore, if a username already used is requested, no right can be exercised to request ownership, even if it is the name of your own company brand.
Palakiss reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse the release of a particular username or to remove any username. For example, a username may be refused if a third party trademark holder complains that a username violates the intellectual property rights of third parties, or constitutes the misappropriation of another person's identity, or it is illegal or offensive.
The username will be publicly identified with a profile picture that will always be associated with the related account. If the profile picture is not entered within 60 days following the creation of the account, Palakiss reserves the right to remove the account and allow other users to select the connected username.
In case of no access for 365 days, Palakiss reserves the right to delete the account in question to make it available for new users, upon communication.
By registering on the Website, the user allows other registered or unregistered users to view, share and interact with his content, knowing that such content, once published, becomes public knowledge and is available on the Website for an indefinite period and can be disseminated via social media or otherwise or cached by third parties, even after account deletion.
The user accepts that, while Palakiss has no obligation to check the contents entered by its users, Palakiss can access the profiles, at any time and without notice, for the sole purpose of verifying the correct use of the service and the absence of violations of the law or of the Terms of Use.

2.3 Cancellation of the account by the user and its deletion by Palakiss
At any time users can cancel their own accounts. However, due to technical or operational limitations, there may be a delay between the request and the actual time when the profile will no longer be publicly visible. Note that backup copies of the contents on our servers are stored and some of the contents may remain stored in them (even if not publicly visible), even after requesting their deletion.
The deletion of the account is irreversible and the same cannot be reactivated after the deletion.
Once the account is deleted, user has no longer the right to access or use the services provided by Palakiss. Palakiss reserves the right to interrupt or suspend the account at any time, upon communication to the user.

3. Material uploaded by the user
By uploading photos, images and / or content (textual, descriptive, judgments) on the Website the user guarantees and declares that he owns the copyright and accepts that Palakiss can use them on the Website, on promotional material and publications both online and offline in the manner deemed most appropriate.
The user, by registering on the Website and using the relative services, grants Palakiss, in a non- exclusive, global, irrevocable, unconditional and perpetual manner, the right and license to use, display, reproduce, distribute, grant in sub-license, communicate and make available the photos, images, texts, descriptions, judgments in the ways that Palakiss considers appropriate.
The person who uploads photos, images, texts, descriptions, judgments, assumes full responsibility for any claims made by third parties following the publication and use of such information by Palakiss. The person who uploads material also guarantees that it does not contain viruses, trojans or infected files, or pornographic, illegal, obscene, offensive, distasteful or inappropriate material, and that it does not infringe any intellectual property rights, copyright or of third-party privacy.
The material that does not correspond to the aforementioned criteria can be removed and canceled at any time without notice.
Palakiss is not the owner of the uploaded material, therefore the truthfulness, validity and right to use all the photos, images, texts, descriptions, judgments are guaranteed by the user who uploaded them, and are not Palakiss's responsibility.

4. Exclusions of liability
Neither Palakiss nor any of its operators, managers, employees, branch representatives, affiliated companies or partners, license holders, agents or persons involved in the production, sponsorship, promotion or disclosure of the Website and its contents, will be held liable for damages ( direct or indirect), loss of profit, income, reputation, inadequacy of the information describing the activities made available on our Website, services provided or products offered, damages connected with the use of the Website, costs incurred, legal actions, errors, violations, faults, maladministration, omissions, negligence, false declarations, unlawful acts, connected to products or services that are directly or indirectly made available, offered or advertised on the Website or through it.
Palakiss also declines all responsibility for any damage deriving from inaccessibility to the services on the Website or from any damage caused by viruses, service interruptions, deletion of contents, problems connected to the network and the incorrect functioning of the electronic equipment used by the User to connect to the Website.

5. User obligations
The user undertakes to provide exact information during the registration on the Website and to keep it up to date and release Palakiss from any third party claim for damage suffered due to false or incorrect declarations and / or uses of the Website not complying with the law and / or the Terms of Use.
The user is responsible for the correctness and custody of the information and his / her credentials for the Website access and is therefore responsible for any damage or injury that may be caused to Palakiss or to third parties as a result of incorrect use, loss or theft of such information, as well as the use of incorrect, false or third party data, without the latter having given their consent.
The user undertakes to act in a correct manner, avoiding the publication of inadequate, inaccurate or inappropriate content and to use a profile picture that corresponds to his / her identity and that is not misleading or detrimental to the image of third parties; furthermore, the user undertakes not to use or attempt to use the account of other users and not to harass, offend or annoy other users, even by sending unsolicited mail or unsolicited communications.
Finally, the user undertakes not to publish any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, "spam," "chain letters," or any other form of solicitation not authorized by Palakiss, and in any case not to carry out actions that could damage, deactivate, overload or compromise the functionality of the Website, or interfere with use by third parties and not to publish any content that contains software with viruses, malware or any other harmful code.
In the event of failure to comply with these rules, Palakiss can contact the user and request the immediate resolution of the problem; in the event of failure to adapt, the account may be suspended or canceled. In case of violation of the Terms of Use by the user, Palakiss may at any time decide to suspend or interrupt, in whole or in part, the services offered by the Website or disable it definitively, without users being able to make any request or claim to about.

6. Links to other websites
The Website contains links to other third party websites. These websites are not under our control, and Palakiss assumes no responsibility for the contents of such websites.
Palakiss provides these links for convenience reasons and a link in no way implies endorsement, sponsorship or affiliation of the linked website. These websites are owned by vendors or independent service providers, who manage them and therefore it is advisable for the user to carry out all the assessments he deems necessary before starting any relationship with these subjects.

7. Intellectual property
The user is aware that Palakiss is a registered trademark and is owned by Palakiss Srl, which is the owner of all intellectual property rights connected to the trademark, to the services provided, to the software used, to the contents of the Website (except for the material uploaded by users).
No one is authorized to copy, obtain, link, publish, promote, integrate, use, combine, and in no other way use the contents of the Website or our trademark in the absence of our express written approval.
In the event that someone uses or combines (in whole or in part) our content or otherwise takes possession of any intellectual property rights to the Website, he or she must assign, transfer or entirely lease these rights to Palakiss.
Any use that does not comply with the law or any aforementioned behavior constitutes a violation of our intellectual property rights.

8. Paid services
Palakiss offers some paid services or paid functionality.
In particular, the Pro and Global plans are paid services; furthermore, once registered on one of these two plans it is possible to purchase some additional services.
Every detail on the services offered and the relative prices is available on the "Prices" page of the Website.
The charges are denominated in Euro. Payment can be made via PayPal.
Taxes and other charges arising from the purchase of these services are at the expense of the purchaser and are non-refundable.
The purchase of a service does not entail ownership of the service but only the right of use within the terms indicated by the Terms of Use

9. Complaints
If the user believes that Palakiss has not adhered to these Terms of Use, he can send a complaint to the email address info@jewelryvirtualfair.com.
Palakiss will do everything in its power to resolve the reported problem.

10. Applicable law
All disputes, legal actions, or other matters arising from or related to the use of the Website will be subject to the Italian law. For any dispute will be competent The Court of Venice.

11. Changes to the Terms of Use
Palakiss may change, supplement or cancel the Terms of Use or any part of them at any time at its sole discretion and with the utmost discretion if it deems it necessary for any reason, or even as a result of changes in the services offered or in the layout of the Website. In the event of significant changes, Palakiss will communicate these changes by notice on the Website.
By continuing to use Palakiss's services after the date of variation of the Terms of Use, the user accepts what is established in the new version of the same.
Palakiss may change, suspend or terminate at any time and at its sole discretion any service offered, including the availability of any content, database, article or review and may also impose limits on certain services or prohibit access (to the Website or parts of it) to any user, without notice, for any reason (technical, security, prevention, data loss, violation).