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ALO Zone

Be Creative. Be Smart. with the All in One Photo and Video solution.


Alo Photo Sphere allows to increase photo quality of an additional 20%, this thanks to the 4 independent LED light sources which rotate with the sphere. Each light source can be dimmed both in intensity and color. Light color range is 3300-6500°K. The sphere can be opened at both top and bottom, this feature allows to create best shooting environments for different kind of jewellery, starting from loose stones up to high end jewellery, both gold, silver, not precious metals.

The universal adapter allows any camera to be applied to the sphere with any lens. Camera rotation is an essential feature to having an item standing up while it’s laying down. Best results and ease of use are obtained by the use of the camera setup we recommend. The sphere can rotate on 3 axis separately, both inner turntable and sphere can rotate 360° thanks to the software remote control. The camera can also be manually rotated on its own axis.

The motorised axis allow to get outstanding smooth 3D animations in very short time. Output formats can be: HTML, Gif, any kind of video file. Interaction with social networks is very easy and fast.


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