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925 Forever - Italian Factory

925 Forever, an Italian company based in Arezzo, boasts over 40 years of experience in the gold sector, in the production and sale of silver chains and bracelets, necklaces and anklets.With a vast catalogue of well over 1,500 articles, ranging from s...

collection-magazine-launches-drawing-contest-for-children-registration-deadline-30-june-2020 05/06/2020

Collection Magazine launches a drawing contest for children, registration deadline 30 June 2020

Since its foundation, Collection Magazine has always listened to and promoted the creative spirit. This time, this great initiative is dedicated to children, aged between 7 and 13 years, and here is the theme, related to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day...

ifema-is-ready-to-reopen-at-the-end-of-the-summer-season-2020 25/05/2020

IFEMA is ready to reopen at the end of the summer season 2020

IFEMA is getting ready to start operating again at the end of the summer season harnessing technology to support preventive health, safety and mobility measures along with innovative solutions to adopt to organize the fairs seen the current situation...

thai-gems-and-jewelry-traders-association-set-up-new-measures-to-strengthen-the-economic-flow-thailand’s-gem-and-jewelry-industry 22/05/2020

Thai Gems and Jewelry Traders Association set up new measures to strengthen the economic flow in Thailand’s gem and jewelry industry

rafrafa-the-devji-aurum-art-collection 21/05/2020

Rafrafa - The Devji Aurum Art Collection

ausom-gold-and-silver-pure-venetian-style 18/05/2020

AUSOM, gold and silver in pure Venetian style

noble-elegant-unforgettable-the-11th-muscat-international-jewellery-show 14/05/2020

Noble, Elegant, Unforgettable. The 11th Muscat International Jewellery Show.

thailand-039-s-magic-hands 14/05/2020

Thailand's magic hands

baselworld-2021-has-been-cancelled 08/05/2020

Baselworld 2021 has been cancelled

matty-gioielli-tradition-modernity-and-look-to-the-future 08/05/2020

Matty Gioielli: tradition, modernity and a look to the future

the-march-edition-of-the-istanbul-jewelery-show-is-postponed-to-2021-see-you-october-2020 04/05/2020

The March edition of the Istanbul Jewelery Show is postponed to 2021. See you in October 2020.

evolution-the-jewelry-show-calendar 20/04/2020

Evolution in the jewelry show calendar