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BRIC Jewels

Using only the best quality polishing powder and cutting tools.


BRIC is a Bangkok-based gemstone company that specializes in the sourcing, calibration and distribution of the finest rubies and blue sapphires. Our premium quality rubies are mined in Myanmar (Burma), while our high-grade sapphires are sourced from leading mines in Australia, Cambodia, Laos, China, Vietnam, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, and Thailand.

Using only the best quality polishing powder and cutting tools, our team of lapidary professionals then calibrate these natural gemstones at our cutting, processing and manufacturing plant in Bangkok ready for distribution and sale to jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters, retailers, traders and individual buyers around the world. We also work with many of the world’s leading gemstone testing laboratories to have our gems certified for our customers.


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BRIC Jewels
1249/148, Gems Tower, 17-th floor, Charoenkrung Road, Suriyawongse
10500 Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand
+66 2 267 1163
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