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L.S. Jewelry Group

Oriental Jewelry Since 1932.


Lee Seng Jewelry was established in 1932 . It was considered among the very first jewelry shop in Bangkok. We are leading the way for finest diamonds jewelry manufacturer,wholesaler and exporter with more than 80 years experience in jewelry business. We are DTC Sight Holder (Belgium) Joint Venturer. We directly import and offer only finest diamonds and rare precious gems.Such as Heart & Arrow Ideal cut diamonds from Belgium , Natural Unheated Star Burmese Ruby , Ceylon Sapphire , Colombia Emerald with highest quality International Laboratory Certificate (GIA,HRD,GRS). L.S. Jewelry Group ( Lee Seng Jewelry , L.S.Oriental Jewelry , L.S.Gems) has been certified for quality jewelry exporter from Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association ,Thai Gems and Jewelry Manufacturers Associstion , The Jeweller’s Associsation , and The Thai Chamber of Commerce.



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L.S. Jewelry Group
177-179 Phrasumain Rd., Taladyod
10200 Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand
+66 26 291 444
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