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Handmade jewelry in modern bohemian style.


I have passion for beads since I was very young.I made my very first jewelry by taking some of the beads and pearl from my mum's dress.
(she had a lot of beautiful bead embroidery dress.)

I have been working as as a fashion co-ordinator in a woman magazine then creative in many international advertising agencies in Bangkok and in KL.I finally realized that advertising made me stress. So I quited advertising world to start making jewelry.

I also run a supplier shop name 1000beads and a baby accessories name Littletwinklestar.

포스트 1000roads

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Buddha jewelry with ammonite beads and tassel. JVF
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Halloween jewelry? JVF
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저희에게 연락 주십시오. 1000roads

67/1 Soi Pathanavesm 12, Sukhumvith 71
10110 Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand
+66 02 392 6792
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