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Alquimi Art Filigree Jewelry

Handmade Filigree Jewelry


Alquimiart Filigree Jewelry was created by the idea of Mauricio Vallejos after several years spent learning the tecnique of handmade jewlery with differents masters, where during is staying in Europe is learnt the art of Portuguese Filigree.

Alquimiart Joyas use this ancient tecnique to develope a new concept in the creation of unique handmade jewlery.

Our workshop is located in the south of Chili, where wild nature and local natives "Mapuches" are a constant motivation and inspiration to promote and preserve the tradicion of handmake jewlery in South America.

저희에게 연락 주십시오. Alquimi Art Filigree Jewelry

Alquimi Art Filigree Jewelry
molco alto
4920000 Pucón, Pucón, Chile
+56 9 8157 9315
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