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Amber Abram

All the charm of Baltic amber


Amber Abram Company is a Polish company based in Gdansk, specializing in the production and exportation of unique silver jewelry with natural Baltic amber. Amber Abram offers a wide range of original designs: pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets 925 silver, silver gold plated amber jewelry, amber necklaces and bracelets. Their production is of very high quality and it is appreciated by customers from all over the world, as it employs only 925 silver and the best Baltic amber, confirmed by the certificates of authenticity that come with the jewels. The Baltic amber deposits, located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, are the largest in the world. This particular variety of fossil resin differs from the other types for its variety of colors, from white to golden yellow, red, black, green, blue and grey. Baltic amber is not always monochromatic: you can find really unique nuances and color combinations, which give life to evocative and charming artistic creations, such as those produced by Amber Abram.


저희에게 연락 주십시오. Amber Abram

Amber Abram
ul. Brzegi 45
80045 Gdańsk, , Poland
+48 728 377 605
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