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Art in Acrylic Jewelry


CRISTALUNA® began as a concept when her founder discovered the art of Acrylic Crystal in Italy. Based in Germany, they have since put together a team of the best Italian designers and craftsmen and combined their art with German precision technology to develop a collection of jewellery that is like no other. Cristaluna creates exclusive, unique jewellery in transparent or coloured acrylic crystal embellished exclusively with high quality SWAROVSKI ® Crystals.

포스트 Cristaluna

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Necklace with swarovski pearls sterling silver 925 clasp rhgodium finished acrylic cross with jet hematite swarovski elements and leather with silver and acrylic ball shaped with swarovski elements JVF
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Galvanistrasse 10
90459 Nuremberg, Nuremberg, Germany
+49 911 8178334
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