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Daniela Kury

Designer de Joias


She graduated in architecture in 2004 and fell in love with jewelry making when she was still in College. Therefore she decided to take a course at the Atelier Fusão Renata Chagas, where she specialized in traditional and modern jewelry and other courses such as jewelry Designer with Ara Vartanian and Flávio Franco in the school of São Paulo.

She started creating pieces for her own use, then for a few family members and friends that turned into her fist first customers, what started as a hobby became a profession. Besides the designer creating high style jewelry and bridal jewelry she also creates custom made pieces the her clients needs and demands. Her jewelries are handmade one by one by the designer her self.

Her jewelries are tailored made to the wishes of those who dream of exclusive pieces.

포스트 Daniela Kury

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Ladbug earing in gold 18k and diamonds JVF
35 좋아합니다.
Zenith Ring in gold 18k, diamonds and tourmaline JVF
28 좋아합니다.
31 좋아합니다.

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Daniela Kury
Alameda Lorena, 1616
01424-002 São Paulo, --, Brazil
+55 11 3746-7199
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