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Dukley Jewelry

Innovative jewerly of Montenegro.


Dukley Jewelry produces jewelry items using high-precision filigree ornaments. The company originally based in Dukley Gardens, Montenegro. It takes inspiration in the traditional style of Montenegro using innovative and patent means of production. Main designers and the inventors of method are Ekaterina Sisfontes, Sweden and Alexander Gudelaitis, Russia. It makes Dukley Jewelry an international project with modern form and native roots. The collection of filigree products – BlackMountain participating at BIJORHCA PARIS 2017 will demonstrate the result of five years scientific research. It is an impressive combination of novelty; discover and the extensive experience of designing items. All the items in the collection are handmade and connected in jewelry atelier. BlackMountain Collection includes female, male and children’s production line. Additionally to the main collection, Dukley Jewelry plans to introduce even exclusive items made using its innovative secret method.

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Dukley Jewelry
Atelje AgAu Torsten Alms gatan 27
126 51 Hägersten, Stockholm, Sweden
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