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All customizable jewelry.


In 2012, GLAMIRA started to design and develop its own products. This change of strategy provided an opportunity to actively enter the international arena. In the same year, GLAMIRA started to trade in Austria and Switzerland. In 2013, the company successfully continued to enter further international markets by adding Finland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and France to its growing portfolio. Driven by this growth, GLAMIRA launched its own manufacturing facilities in Germany. Throughout 2014, GLAMIRA reinforced its corporate structure allowing the business to enter the markets of Western Europe and has quickly developed in the key European markets. In 2016, GLAMIRA continued to enlarge its business in the markets of Eastern Europe and the Far East in addition to the USA, Pacific and South America. In 2019, GLAMIRA is now a pioneer jeweler delivering to more than 60 countries with offices in 6 countries - Germany, Switzerland, USA, Australia, Bulgaria, and Turkey.


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300 South Orange Ave Suite 1000
FL 32801 Orlando, , U.S.A.
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