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MY STAR Art Jewels

Creations by Graziella Paletta ArtDesigner


MY STAR is is the registered trademark, and the Art name, of Graziella Paletta, Artist and Designer, owner of the brand and creative Designer of all the brand's products. More than just beautiful and precious objects, her creations have a meaning, bring a message: " My Star is Love" is their main slogan, and also:" Love has an Italian heart", and: " Italian heart, Italian Art". The products are entirely made in Italy by master artisans, under her survision, and produced in limited series, or in unique pieces, also customized on demand.
As Artist, Graziella Paletta "My Star" exhibited her paintings and designs in prestigious locations and museums, earned prizes, and pubblished her artworks on important pubblications, like the Catalogue of Modern Art CAM 55, Mondadori. Her innovative peculiarity is to put together Art and Design in her artworks, for that she created the definitions: "Artdesign" for her Art, and "Artdesigner" for herself.

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MY STAR Art Jewels
Via Alessandro III, 56
15121 Alessandria, Alessandria, Italia
+39 3472209807
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