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Hips Nymphs Jewellerly

Ювелирные украшения из драгоценных металлов


Hips Nymphs jewelery is a jewelry brand that was founded in 2015 by the designer - jeweler Anna U. From the hobby the passion to create copyright jewelry in a single copy has evolved into a full-fledged work.

The ENDEMIC collection from the Hips Nymphs jewelery brand is incorrect unstable and free abstract forms of jewelry immersing in the ancient archaic world, as if from archaeological excavations, zoomorphic images with animal symbols in a modern eclectic work. Absolutely Neo-gown jewelry. Some of them have a vaguely predatory and imperious belonging to the modern owner of these exquisite artifacts.

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Hips Nymphs Jewellerly
-- Краснодар, , Russian Federation
+7 (926) 936 87 47
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