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MEO Jewelry

We are manufacturers of high quality silver jewelry.


Since 1998, MEO Jewelry has combined world-renowned Thai craftsmanship with the country’s modest overhead costs to produce silver and gold jewelry of excellent quality at competitive prices. With a showroom located in the heart of Bangkok’s Gems District and a state-of-the-art production facility in the city’s nearby suburb of Nonthaburi, MEO Jewelry has earned a reputation among its loyal clients for unsurpassed attention to detail, scrupulous customer service, and consistent product value. A husband and wife team founded MEO Jewelry in 1998 to meet a growing demand for quality production among sterling silver and gold jewelry brands worldwide. After enjoying a decade of breakout success, they constructed a new Nonthaburi facility in 2008, greatly expanding the factory’s capacities and bringing the entire production process under one roof. Now approaching the end of its second decade in operation, the company remains family-owned, continues on a path of sustainable growth, and maintains strong ties with its expanding list of longtime clients.

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MEO Jewelry
38 Moo 5 Soi Kantana Bangmuang, Bangyai
11140 Nonthaburi, --, Thailand
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