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Créations en Joaillerie.


With a love of all things beautiful, especially jewellery, Nathalie Mattheeuws began her degree in jewellery at the Brussels School of Arts and Crafts in 1998. A jewellery designer since 2000, exclusively in 3D since 2011, she uses two advanced CAD softwares, one for classic jewellery and the other for organic shapes. With this combination, Nathalie can create any shape in 3D. Fascinated by gems of all colours and often inspired by nature, she elected the champion of adaptation as the icon for her activity and launched Cameleor in 2009 to offer her bespoke design services to customers who desire unique and extraordinary jewellery around the world.

저희에게 연락 주십시오. Cameleor

Rue Victor Oudart 7 à
1030 Bruxelles, Bruxelles, Belgium
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