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Pracownia Bizuterii - Klejnot

Polish heart, Italian Japanese technology


Klejnot is a family business founded in 1994 in Gdansk, Poland. Klejnot specializes in silver and amber jewelry entirely realized from design to production, as well as jewelry with other types of decorative gemstones and Swarovski crystal elements. The company, which is part of the Polish Chamber of Amber, offers a wide variety of designs, over 5000, both modern and traditional cut. The experience gained in over 25 years of activity is an undisputed guarantee of the best quality of manufactured products. This is also thanks to the Japanese and Italian technology on which the entire production is based, which allows Klejnot to satisfy even the most complex orders.

포스트 Pracownia Bizuterii - Klejnot

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Sets with crystals and aguamarina.
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Silver 925 gold plated with amber set. JVF
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New concept 2021. Silver rhodium plated set with Swarovski crystals JVF
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Pracownia Bizuterii - Klejnot
Ul. Ludwika Waryńskiego 25A
80433 Gdańsk, , Poland
+48 58 5560010
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