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VJ Vicenza Jewellery

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In the Goldsmith area for almost 20 years, Vicenza Jewellery has been the International leading magazine. News, insights, previews, fairs, events, exhibitions and much more about the world of precious jewel and not precious... All waiting to be discovered on and off line with our Editorial Department.

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Our backcover in last Vicenza Jewellery issue is dedicated to Taitù, a dynamic company with established experience in the sector, born in 1994. It produces jewelry in silver 925% focusing mainly on the search for various styles to satisfy the consumer who likes to follow fashion and research new trends. Discover its jewelry on our special section on our Instagram account @vicenzajewellery JVF
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The first issue of the year is out, don't miss it! Read our e-paper issue online vicenzajewellery.com or subscribe to receive wher you want your copy. Discover our world - COVER STORY 20th Anniversary of Palakiss JVF
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Our new Vicenza Jewellery September Issue is out! Flip it on our website www.vicenzajewellery.com News, trends and business insight are waiting for you! JVF
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VJ Vicenza Jewellery
Via dell'Oreficeria, 37
36100 Vicenza, Vicenza, Italia
+39 0444 341847
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