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ARISTOCRATIC BRONZE performed by Olesya Kominek


Probably, no, not probably, precisely,the most important miracle on earth is BIRTH!

Birth can come in different shapes and forms: life, thoughts, feelings, ideas, love, understanding Of course, the most significant one, no doubt, is the BIRTH OF LIFE!

How do you feel witnessing this miracle?

Tenderness, boundless love, happiness, joy, the desire to protect one from everyone and everything? Oh, this is a tsunami of feelings that drowns out everything else within us! And now we are ready for this new life to do everything in our power, and even more.

If BIRTH is not a miracle, then what is that?

An abstraction

When you do not understand, but you feel that something is wrong, let go of your thoughts in free flight and give free rein to your hands.

And you will succeed.

The choice

How many varieties of it are out there: easy and difficult, quick or carefully weighed, unconscious and conscious, spontaneous and painful.

The most interesting thing is that every moment of a person’s life is made out of choices in favor of one or another. Even the simplest kind of decision: getting up in the morning straight after the alarm rings, or lying in bed for five more minutes with eyes closed it is also a matter of choice. And this choice is always, I emphasize, ALWAYS fateful.

But its fatefulness is recognized only when something out of the ordinary happens.

My whole world fits in the palm of my hand

I protect it with my life, it is mine, it was created by me, cherished and it guards me.

It is what I came up with, what I embodied, what I created.

Grazie ad Artistar Jewels & Olesya Kominek