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Pamir Gems Co

We have been providing unheated Rubies, multi-color Spinels and Clinohumites (Fire Spinels) both cut & rough to companies worldwide.


We started the business as a small company in 1990`s and worked in a very famous and ancient spinel mine “Kuh-I-Lal” which was discovered since the 6th century. Pamir Gems is mostly concentrated on mining, cutting and delivering the stones to the market. We specialize in exclusive pink and red spinels from Kuh-I-Lal mine.Moreover, we have also collected some other types of gorgeous color gemstones from all over the world and we are glad to share them with you.


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Pamir Gems Co
278 Rassami Tavorn Bldg. 3rd Floor, Suite 303 Silom Rd. Suriyawong, Bangrak
10500 Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand
+66 22 682 181
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