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Nammu is a company dedicated to international trade and ecommerce.


Nammu is a company dedicated to international trade and ecommerce. Our objective is that you enjoy the same prices as if you bought directly in the best mining regions of the world. For that porpouse we source the best materials in international mining areas and collaborate with artisans to offer you quality jewelry finnish items, and we grant you an easy access to them via ecommerce featuring free international shipping on qualified orders.

We are specialized in 100% natural amber jewelry. Our amber pieces are dated from25 to 65 millions of years ago. We source amber gemstones from mines around the world, and specially from the the Baltic Sea, where we can find 90% of the world amber, and it is an excellent quality amber. We also dispose of Dominican Amber and Southern Asian Amber. Each product description indicates its amber origin. Each piece includes a certificate of authenticity.


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