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Colorful triangle embroidery earrings

By Azad Art Design

製作者: jewelryAround
国: Italia
品番: AAD-Er-1345
Collection Name: Azad Art Design
€ 45,00
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Since Baluch sewing on the cloth is very expensive, and stitchers are being forgotten, In this way we can create a new idea and work in the field of making jewelry.
The main concept of Balouch needlework in appearance is in the form of regular geometric shapes embroidered on the cloth, it is mainly based on natural elements of the environment. By putting together multiple squares, foursquare, triangles, or rectangles, and through applying designer's creativity (and the original sewing technique), different figures of flower, plant, and animals will be created.

A Baluch embroidery is a form of decorative needlework associated with the Baluchis.

Handmade In Iran by a Persian artist

Needle worked fabric - brass
Shipping from Milan, Italy

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