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Palakiss Summer riapre a settembre nel distretto orafo Vicentino.

Dal 09 al 13 settembre 2022 Palakiss Summer da il via a 5 giorni di incontri tra operatori del settore nel cuore del business district del gioiello di Vicenza.Vicenza, 09 settembre 2022 – sarà il primo giorno di “Summer”, il delivery Jewellery show d...

palakiss-becomes-delivery-hall-10 19/03/2022


palakiss-business-center 21/02/2022

Palakiss Business Center

Palakiss for the coming March fair expands the VicenzaOro portfolio by becoming the new HALL10-Delivery with over 100 exhibitors from Italy and Europe, will present the latest collections of gold, silver, steel, semi-precious and natural stones...

afemo-jvf-partnership-for-the-international-promotion-of-made-italy-technologies 12/09/2021

AFEMO e JVF - Partnership for the international promotion of Made in Italy technologies

jvf-pro-ripresa 10/09/2021

JVF Pro-ripresa

sisma-presenta-mysint-100-to-produce-large-chains 08/09/2021

SISMA presenta MYSINT 100 to produce large chains

iao-br-tita-inquartation-and-aqua-regia-single-unit 08/09/2021

IAO-BR/TITA - Inquartation and aqua regia in a single unit

zone-creative-quality-goldsmith-machinery-and-equipment 03/09/2021

ZONE CREATIVE - Quality goldsmith machinery and equipment

gemology-women-icons-futuro-della-gemmologia-nella-crescita-responsabile 03/09/2021

GEMOLOGY WOMEN ICONS - Il futuro della gemmologia è nella crescita responsabile.

interview-with-president-f-m-o-gianluigi-barettoni 02/09/2021

Interview with President A.F.E.M.O. Gianluigi Barettoni

aristocratic-bronze-performed-by-olesya-kominek 14/05/2021

ARISTOCRATIC BRONZE performed by Olesya Kominek

istanbul-jewelry-show-unites-the-jewelry-industry-for-50th-time 08/04/2021

Istanbul Jewelry Show unites the jewelry industry for 50th time