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In 1983 a group of Italian firms decides to create a reference point in the goldsmith machinery sector: this leads to the creation of Afemo, Association of Jewellery Machinery Manufacturers and Exporters.

Thirty years ago Afemo’s objective was to unite all the manufacturers of the best technologies in the jewellery, goldsmith, silversmith and costume jewellery sectors under one roof in a National Association.

Today, the main scope of Afemo is to maintain and facilitate direct contacts between Italian manufacturers of cutting-edge technologies and the goldsmiths all over the world. For this reason the Association organises promotional events all over the world with trade-fairs, symposiums and workshops.

The Afemo member enterprises are the best example of Made in Italy, the country par excellence of the production of gold and jewellery. Afemo is yet another seal of guarantee which is up alongside the most prestigious brands of the individual companies that have been operating on worldwide markets with reliability and professionalism for years.

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Associazione Fabbricanti Esportatori Macchine per Oreficeria
Corso S.S. Felice e Fortunato n. 105
36100 Vicenza (VI), Italy
C.F. 80201730159

Tel: +39 347 5435415
E-mail: info@afemo.it