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Sandra Kocjancic Jewelry

Inspired by the sea waves, leaves in the wind, and other motions between us


I am challenging the boundaries of jewellery by crocheting wires. It means exploring very fragile, aerial sensuous forms and tactile surfaces, which are reflecting the audacity and even extravagance of a modern woman highlighting her personality.

Giving together the inspiring dualities of waves in the nature and my forms, science and poetry, I am melding an old traditional technique of crocheting with contemporary creativity and cutting-edge craftsmanship. I am always impressed how different jewels and even recycled materials are well paired with crocheted silver and copper wires.

I am presenting my creations in the Drat gallery.
I'm building an open and inspiring place where enthusiasts, jewelry collectors and artists meet and share their ideas. Even so I still try to find my time to hit the streets with my jewelry and meet my friends from known boutiques and galleries.


Skontaktuj się z nami Sandra Kocjancic Jewelry

Sandra Kocjancic Jewelry
Ljubljanska ulica 21
6310 Izola, , Slovenia
+386 41 952 918
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