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Lady pomegranate pendant in silver and turquoise

Lady Pomegranate Pendant in silver and turquoise. Handmade jewelry by Fatemeh Safartalab.

Fabricante: jewelryAround
País: Italia
Código do produto: FS-SA2
Nome da coleção: Fatemeh Safartalab
€ 150,00
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Especificações do produto
The idea of designing and making the pomegranate lady was derived from Yalda Night (the longest night of the year, the last day of autumn), from its stories which is revered by Persians while they are eating pomegranate and red fruits and celebrate the night till morning with hafez poems.

Each year all Persians around the world merrily celebrate the last day of autumn, staying awake until dawn, so as to defeat the darkness and destructive spirit.

Pomegranate Lady was born and worn around the neck through the blessedness of Yalda Night, the auspicious night of Iranians, getting ingrained in the stories told by grandmothers, so as to be the messenger of felicity, birth, and joy.

Silver and Nishabur turquoise stone

Limited Edition
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Shipping from Milan, Italy