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Life necklace in copper, brass & phosphor bronze.

Life Necklace in copper, brass & phosphor bronze. Handmade jewellery by Mostafa Daneshi.

Fabricante: jewelryAround
País: Italia
Código do produto: MD-3
Nome da coleção: Mostafa Daneshi
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Especificações do produto
This sculptural jewelry refers to the life concept which consists of its interconnected difficulties and convenience. The combination of these two words means create the word "life".

In this work, first with the opening of the necklace, the word "difficulty" and "comfort" are separated from each other and they are in opposition truth. When the necklace will be worn and closeThe word "Life" will be formed. The words "difficulty" and "comfort" come together in the backthe word "life" will appear.

This is the concept of our real and daily life that creates our life.

Copper, brass & phosphor bronze

Limited Edition
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Shipping from Milan, Italy