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Asymmetrical Jewelry


The classic jewelry universe has expanded to embrace new designs that reflect the desires of contemporary consumers, so modern pieces began to frequently appear in collections, as is the case of asymmetry. Asymmetric jewelry is the great trend of the moment and in the next pages, we present inspirations of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets in this style.

Breaking the stiffness of traditional jewelry that displays structured traces and equally balanced design, the asymmetrical pieces burst the concept of irregularity as an error, transforming it into an element of sophistication. There is no standard to be followed for making jewelry in this style, the only rule is that one half should not resemble the other - in the case of rings, the secret lies in the aesthetics of building the lines that will wrap the fingers. A non-linear hoop with different shapes and sizes expresses the idea well.

The visual impact brought by the contemporaneity that arises through the asymmetry in the lines of a jewelry design creates a dialogue with the body, thus, if harmonized in a coherent way, the pieces gain an even greater highlight. Choosing a particular hairstyle makes all the difference when it comes to highlighting a jewelry, especially if it's an earring. To put the piece in evidence, the ideal is to bet on the hair half up or in a ponytail or bun, highlighting its asymmetrical details.

Although the trend has already established itself in the industry in past seasons, innovative models continue to emerge, proving that there are no limits to creativity when you have imagination. The sinuous shape of the necklaces allows the designer to play with shapes and lines, developing pieces as interesting as works of art and even unusual - a characteristic valued by consumers who live in the era of innovation, where curiosity aroused by what is new stimulates desire.

In addition to all the charm present in jewels that do not mirror with similarity, the asymmetry in pieces has the great power to balance the look. A bracelet with different ends, for example, can undo the monotony of a plain dress without prints and even bring the touch of style necessary to complement a basic look composed by T-shirt and jeans. The secret to using this trend without mistakes is not to overdo it and choose jewelry that speaks to the visual.

Thanks to Joia & Cia