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Caoro – Precious creations, Italian originality


“A flower that does not need seasons to blossom”, but needs to be completely protected to proudly enhance the made in Italy craftsmanship, techniques and originality. This is the jewel by Caoduro, which exports 98% of the collections worldwide

by Barbara Trigari

Artisanal wisdom, technical skills and originality or creations are priceless values ​​related to Made in Italy products. These values are difficult to protect abroad, even for our local excellences. Jewels travel through fairs all around the world, attract attention due to the craftsmanship and imagination of their design, and there is always someone copying. From a certain point of view, especially for the most famous brands, it is a sort of recognition of value. In reality, however, it constitutes major economic damage from which companies try to protect themselves by promoting their brand in Italy and abroad and by focusing on inimitable values, namely those of the made in Italy quality.

Recognized, appreciated and… imitated

“95% of Caoro customers – explains Carlo Caoduro, owner and designer of Caoro together with his brother Andrea – are wholesalers or stores that promote our brand, and 98% of the jewelry we design is sold abroad, especially in the United States, Latin America, China, Japan and practically in the entire Middle East. We are recognized and appreciated, and unfortunately also copied”. The gold at the base of the Vicenza brothers’ workings is transformed into ever new objects with a distinctive element: the floral one. “The only flower that does not need seasons to blossom”, says Carlo, the brother who ismore involved in the commercial side of the business, even if both collaborate in the creation of the collections.

Heart and technology

They started out with passion in 1996, with the intuition of combining technology and craftsmanship together with heart and creativity. The constant investments in new and innovative machinery, the continuous relaunch in design, the numerous invention patents on many of the launched products, a company philosophy that made it possible to make a qualitative leap thanks to the use of the diamond wire. “It is the right combination of craftsmanship and technology – explains Andrea, more committed to the creative and technological side of the business. The diamond wire solution gives an unusual brilliance to our jewels and, together with the great goldsmith work, with other processes and with the choice of creating everything internally, it gives the jewel a higher value”.


ph credits: Caoro – Eriu, collezione iconica delle creazioni Caoro, tributo alla Terra e omaggio alla femminilità e alla vita. Completamente realizzata in oro 18kt con inserti in filo e palline diamantate, impreziosite da pietre di zirconi neri / Eriu, iconic collection of Caoro creations, which pays tribute to Earth and to femininity and life. Completely realized in 18kt gold with wire inserts and diamond pellets, embellished with black zirconia stones

The diamond wire, fashion soul

A value appreciated by fashion, as demonstrated in 2017 by the invitation to Taomoda together with the Vicenzagoldsmiths’ group, to complete the models look with the Caoro jewels. “Our colourful, bright, fancy models combine very well with high fashion garments – explains Carlo. We are proud to have participated in Taomoda and we believe that it is the right way to promote the Made in Italy quality in its complexity”.

Among the challenges of 2019, there is that of developing the retail project focusing on the strength of a product already present in the windows of many important stores, for example in the UAE, or in Taormina, but that would deserve visibility in the most fashionable boutiques of the whole Peninsula.