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Cosmos, the new aquatic collection by Peseli at Artistar 2019


Cosmos, the new collection of Peseli, was inspired by the artist’s legacy with the aquatic world. Marianna Marolla, founder of Peseli, will present this collection at Artistar Jewels 2019

Marianna Marolla was born in Corfu, a Greek Island, and she always draws inspiration from the sea and its breathtaking colours and animals.

Marianna Marolla, Pendant, Cosmos, Peseli Aquatic Collection
Marianna Marolla, Pendant, Cosmos, Peseli Aquatic Collection

The main characters of the collection are indeed jellyfishes and octopuses, fascinating creatures with a unique fluidity and movement: one of the most alluring and strange aliens of the underwater cosmos. They float and dance at the same time, creating captivating moves. When worn, the tentacles with the brilliants will be in constant motion, catching the light and its reflects.

All the creations are made with precious stones like sapphires, corals, brilliants and diamonds. She has always been in love with precious stones and the contrast of colours and the vividness which they can create. She likes fluid shapes and especially the ones which derive from nature, flowers and aquatic creatures.

Marianna Marolla will present this collection at Artistar Jewels 2019, an annual project of Contemporary Jewelry that collects the most talented artists of this field. The 2019 event is scheduled during the Milan Fashion Week and it will be hosted in Palazzo Bovara, a historical location in the city centre of Milano. All the creations are also published in a volume that is distributed worldwide and sent to more than 5.000 commercial contacts all over the world, such as buyer, concept stores, galleries and journalists. Peseli’s creations were selected for the technique used, but also for the ability that the artist has in reproducing something fluid into a static jewel.

Marianna Marolla, Earrings, Cosmos, Peseli Aquatic Collection