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Davide Molina

Sinfonia Italiana


The origins of Molina company date back to 1928 when thirteen-year-old Ottavio Molina - the Davide's father - was introduced to the goldsmith business by his brother Ernesto, a skilled jewellery setter sought after by the leading companies in the sector. In the 1950s the Molina company trained the most skilful goldsmiths, who became the founding members of the most prominent companies.
Production in those years basically consisted of rings, earrings and brooches without precious stones (called the "plain gold" line in the Molina catalogue which is a direct offshoot of this creative effort). On dec 2000, after 25 years, the partners of the Molina & C. decided to stop the activities
At the same time Davide Molina - together with his wife Claudia - created a new company named "Davide Molina srl", acquiring all the Molina & C. skilled workers & the whole depot of the historical Molina jewellery moulds, usefull to reproduce the complete collection since the 1948.


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Davide Molina
Via Panza, 18
15046 San Salvatore Monferrato, Alessandria, Italia
+39 0131233106
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