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Espirito das Artes

Jewellery Art made with beads. Be inspired by our beading designs.


We make and design beadwork jewelry with high quality materials.
O Espírito das Artes is an original beadwork jewellery project. Every piece is designed and handmade with special care and detail.

This project was born as a hobby in 2012. The purpose, at the time, was to cover a wide range of handmade crafts. Later, we fell in love with beading and decided to foccus on it.
We have been fully engaged in jewellery since 2014. Back then, we began to design our own patterns and make video tutorials. Today, O Espírito das Artes creates exclusive beading designs and do it yourself tutorials.
Teach, inspire and develop creativity are our main goals.


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Espirito das Artes
-- Agueda, , Portugal
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