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IAO-BR/TITA - Inquartation and aqua regia in a single unit


Extreme flexibility, short reaction times and very strong, durable materials - these are the main features of the new two-in-one refining solution IAO/BR TITA by Italimpianti Orafi spa. Compared to conventional rotary tumbler refining machines - made of polypropylene, glass (for aqua regia) or steel (for inquartation) – titanium models offer the possibility to carry out both inquartation and aqua regia in a single system.


Titanium does not suffer thermal shock and it is not scratched when it comes into contact with the precious metal grains that are dissolved within it. It has unparalleled strength, which makes it very versatile and nearly eternal. The rotary technology allows a faster and more appropriate dissolution of the metal. So it is the perfect solution for those who want to make small investments and have special space requirements.

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