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Shazdeh mahan garden earrings

Handmade jewellery
Jewelry by Ailin Abrishami

Manufacturer: jewelryAround
Country: Italia
Product code: AA-A4
Collection Name: Ailin Abrishami
Weight in gr: 19
€ 210,00
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Product specifications
From the collection Palizban
"Palizban" means someone who takes care of and protects the garden and orchard.
So in this collection, actually the designer is kind of a Palizban by designing and making ornaments inspired by Persian gardens.
This time, Ailin Abrishami, has made the theme of the Persian gardens the basis for designing and making jewelry.
In her opinion, Persian gardens and courtyards should be brought on a much smaller scale than the actual size, and the solitude of every Iranian lady should be brought to these gardens.
We are all used to visit historical places, walking around them and passing by them. Meanwhile the designer believes that the gardens should be created and being carry as a body ornaments.
She has designed ornaments that while valuable in terms of design and construction, all rely on Persian gardens for world heritage. She selects the most enduring elements from any garden, and by redesigning those elements in the form of jewelry pieces that present the permanence of that element and that garden."

Hand Made by a Persian artist

Silver and Agate

One Of A Kind
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Shipping from Milan, Italy

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