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New Diamond Technology

Jewelry, Industrial and Scientific.


New Diamond Technology company was founded in 2014 for growing the largest high-quality single-crystal diamonds of IIa and IIb types. We actively develop Jewelry, Industrial and Scientific international market sectors and explore innovative approaches and technologies to improve quality of our diamond products. The company is focused on building partnerships with international research institutes and organizations to create mutually-beneficial collaboration with the main purpose - to contribute the whole diamond market.
The manufacturing facilities are equipped with the most modern presses improved in-house by our engineers and technologists. They developed unique technology of diamond growth which allowed us to set several world-records in the field of diamond growth and treatment. No one could beat these records to this day and we are annually aiming for more by increasing achievements constantly.
Our mission is to mass produce the highest quality single-crystal diamonds for all existing and emerging markets. Team of international professionals daily works with all continents, regions, countries and cities no matter which time zone they are in.


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New Diamond Technology
2 Voskova street, lit. U
197706 Sestroretsk, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
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