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The Spark Silver jewelry brand was born in 2003, when the two certified diamond cutters Piotr Blonksi and Magdalena Korplaska meet Swarovski crystals.Fascinated by the precision of the cut and the shimmering brilliance of the Austrian crystals, they decide to launch them in the world of unique silver jewellery design and creation. They are only three the materials at the base of the Spark Silver Jewelry Creations: Swarovski from Swarovski (with traceabilitycode) Alcantara ® and 925 sterling silver, which is galvanized in Poland with rhodium and palladium treatment. Professionalism, passion, loyalty, respect and excellence are the values that inspire the work of everyday life and that allow the vital bond between the brand and its customers- explains Paola Ciattoni,the Italian interface of the brand spark-I am working with them since 2014, what fascinated me most, is their way to follow the modes without being stuck, the continual thinking about the evolution of the market and the feminine figure, which results in two annual news releases. Our collection is divided into lines and each line contains the targets of different ages, and it is precisely this our point of strength. Together with Spark I saw the realization of personal and professional dreams as the winning in Arezzo of the contest # Createyourlove with the ‘in-solitary’ ring that we will present in limited edition of only fifty pieces in Vicenza Oro, from 20 to 25 January, pad. 1 booth. 168. Despite the production is entirely European and the materials of the highest quality spark silver jewelry is able to maintain a competitive price on the market; this characteristic, along with the passion and professionalism that distinguishes this international team, can do nothing more than to confirm and to certify that the best Italian jewelers have already understood it. Spark your life.”