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The Venice Glass Week: the Fondazione di Venezia is exhibiting glassware collections for the first time at its own premises


128 works from the greatest 20th-century Murano glass masters will be on show. Friday 7 to Sunday 16, September 2018, from 10am to 6pm – at Fondazione di Venezia, Dorsoduro 3488 /U – Free entrance

The Fondazione di Venezia is participating in the second edition of The Venice Glass Week, taking place in Venice from Friday 7 to Sunday 16 September 2018, and opening its headquarters to the general public for the first exhibition in Venice of glassware collections by the greatest Venetian glassware masters.

The exhibition, guided by an operator, will be open from Friday 7 to Sunday 16 September, from 10am to 6pm.

ph credits: Fondazione di Venezia
ph credits: Fondazione di Venezia

Visitors will be able to admire a collection of 128 unique and exclusive pieces on display at the Fondazione di Venezia headquarters, 4th floor, on a daily basis, along with the works of 20th century great painters, such as Boccioni and Casorati. It will be a selection of excellence of modern Murano glassware, characterized by perfect homogeneity and including the works that originated from the collaboration of the greatest Venetian master craftsmen together with some famous designers: the collaboration of Ludovico Diaz de Santillana and Venini & C. gave life in 1962 to the “Murrine” plate, which is part of the collection; another piece is the half-filigree plate of 1934 belonging to Carlo Scarpa’s first collection he designed for Venini, and that was purchased at the Biennale for 140 Italian liras. These are only some examples.

The Fondazione di Venezia has always been attuned to the charm of the glass art and aware of its significance for the Venetian culture and history. In 2000, the Foundation translated this appeal into the acquisition from the Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia of the original glass collection that the latter had been putting together since 1930, the year in which the banking institution of the “Padiglione Venezia” financed the Giardini, the building destined for the Veneto artistic crafts.

At the beginning of the third millennium, the Fondazione di Venezia started engaging itself in the creation of collections through which to preserve works connected to Venice and expressing the creativity of the 20th century, from paintings to textiles, glass works and photographic archives.

Through the exhibition project of The Venice Glass Week, the Fondazione aims at showing and informing the public on the characteristics and significance of Venice rich artistic production, which witnesses the evolution of 20th-century Murano glass art, returning to the city and to its territory a significant part of its artistic patrimony.

ph credits: Fondazione di Venezia
ph credits: Fondazione di Venezia