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Cypress of kashmar necklace

from the collection "sacred forest" - Silver, brass, turquoise and agate handmade jewellery
By Masoo

Fabricante: jewelryAround
País: Italia
Código do produto: Masoo-Neck-22
Nome da coleção: Masoo
€ 300,00
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Especificações do produto
About sacred forest collection
In The “Sacred Forest” Collection, the designer seeks to collect ancient stories that emphasise the valuable role of trees in human life. The tree in its ancient sense implies the life of the universe,
it's a continuation, and the growth and reproduction of reproductive and regenerative processes. The tree is an inexhaustible sign of life and is therefore equivalent to immortality.
Therefore, it has always been respected and sanctified until this sanctity was honoured by the fighters of ignorance and superstition with totemism. And the bitter consequence of this trend in recent centuries has been to cut down on popular trees and destroy the idea of honouring trees.
In today's virtual and technological world, where people's beliefs are reduced day by day, as well as their connection to the natural and real-world, they are increasingly attracted to the preservation of these valuable resources due to declining biological and vital resources. Pure nature becomes rarer nowadays, old trees with wide foliage, which are home to various animals and a place to rest under the pleasant shade, have become a memory and the sacred trees forest is more than ever forgotten and therefore they need attention and remembrance.

About Cedar of Kashmar
According to the stories, Zarathustra , a Persian prophet, brings with him a Cedar tree from paradise and plant it in Kashmar. He prohibits people from cutting it, which ultimately results in death.
The tree lasts for many years until the reputation of this sacred tree reaches the ruler of Baghdad, who also ruled over Iran. And he orders it to be cut to build his new palace. Zoroastrian clerics
offered thousands of gold coins to discourage the ruler from cutting down, but to no avail. The tree was cut down, and it is said that the thousands of living birds on it cried when it fell.
They sent the tree to Baghdad, but the day before the tree arrived ruler was killed by his servants and never saw the tree. The design is based on traditional cypress patterns in Iran and the Islamic
patterns on both sides are a symbol of heaven Where the tree came from

Limited edition - the first edition of Cedar Kashmar from the Sacred Forest Collection - Only 4 sets will be made of this collection

Handmade in Iran
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Shipping from Milan, Italy